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Call him a writer.  Brian Alan Lane has written, produced, and consulted for TV series ranging from “Remington Steele”, “Moonlighting”, "Hunter", “MacGyver” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” He wrote and directed the award-winning play, “The Caterer” starring LeVar Burton in 2009 at the Whitefire Theatre in Los Angeles. He wrote the non-fiction novel “Cat and Mouse”, which became a bestseller and was labeled “a masterpiece... worthy of Nabokov” by The Boston Book Review.  

Call him an educator.  After two decades of success and renown in the entertainment industry, Brian Alan Lane decided to "give back" by becoming a professor, donor, and fundraiser for California State University Long Beach (CSULB), determined to create opportunity for the hard-working, blue-collar, diverse population of students there at Steven Spielberg's alma mater. For the last 11 years, Lane has toiled 
at CSULB, rising quickly to Tenured Full Professor and Core Writing Instructor and Coordinator of both the Masters of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing Program, and the Undergraduate Film Production Option. He's been named Most Valuable Professor of the College of The Arts, and Favorite Professor by the Associated Students Beach TV.

as a lawyer, Brian Alan Lane played high stakes career chess with the administration of CSULB and the entire CSU, a true David against a multi-headed Goliath, fighting their attacks, false police reports, faked financials, lies, administrative interrogations of students, fighting the monster of corruption with nothing but the truth (and thousands of pages of carefully organized documents and "got'cha!" audio recordings of the bad guys) on his side.

The truth and the ability to pen the tale.  Because, in the end, overwhelmed by Goliath's size and tentacles, Brian Alan Lane fought back by doing the one thing he does best: he wrote. And he included the most damning documents and recordings.  

For the last month, THUG The Book has been posted in ongoing on-line installments, snatching 20,000 readers and rising by at least 500 new reads per day, welcomed by hundreds of unanimously glowing reviews and commentary to which Lane responds directly and seeks a vast "jury of your peers". The book is being written as a sui generis "living novel", each installment responsive to new news and including new research and revelations which come out of the public and private reaction to the publication of the previous installment.

THUG is the story of academia gone sour, of public education hijacked for private gain, of imposters protecting imposters, stealing funds, and failing up. It is a story of money and power and the stomping of the American dream for America's children. It is a story of personal betrayal, lies, treachery, and crime. It reads like a faced-paced and snarky-snarly suspense novel, it packs a wallop of wow, it is a story that is still unfolding in real time.

And the consequence of all this will be vast.  Once the story is done, the administration of a multi-billion dollar state university system will have to be replaced. Heads will roll, criminal charges may attach, and tax and donation dollars will finally be directed toward teaching the incredible kids of California rather than padding the pockets of the corrupt.

The LSU Faculty Senate Monthly Newsletter, edited by Distinguished Research Master and Senate President, Professor Kevin Cope, Ph.D. (Harvard), offered this review in the April 8, 2013 edition:  "Dramatically entitled Thug, Brian Alan Lane's document-rich historical thriller-expose sends readers spinning through a maelstrom of schemes, adventures, and skullduggery that lands the reader at the midpoint between Al Capone, Gordon Gee, and flying saucer pilot ET. Celebrity names, including that of Jaws producer Steven Spielberg (an expert on short lives on long beaches, one might say), pop up and fade out with a delicacy that would draw envy from an Umberto Eco." 

JFK said: "One person can make a difference, and every person should try." And sometimes the only way you can make a difference is by making trouble.

Call Brian Alan Lane a trouble maker. Call him a dissident. But no need to call him. He'll find you. He can't turn away when he sees that something is wrong.

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Installment One
The Stairway to Nowhere

Installment Two
Spielberg Documents

Installment Two
Spielberg Narrative

Installment Three
The Long Beach Studios Hoax

Installment Four
High Crimes and Pissy Demeanors

Installment Five 
The King's New Clothes

Installment Six
The Odor of Mendacity

Installment Seven A
Indictment of The Alexander Family For Criminal Conspiracy

Installment Seven B
The Biggest Academic Ponzi Scheme Ever

Installment Eight
The King Who Must Not Be Named 

Installment Nine
The Riddle of The Stinks

Installment Ten
Cookin' The Books Alexander-Style

Installment Eleven
If A Para Falls In The Forest, Does Anyone Care

Brian Alan Lane did a live radio interview on May 22, 2013


Call him a dissident. Or a trouble maker. Your pick. When shockingly faced with CSULB professors and administrators espousing false credentials, Brian Alan Lane blew the whistle. When the University President and Provost retaliated against him for whistle blowing, Brian Alan Lane went after them all, wondering why they were covering up imposture.  Don't call Lane a lawyer, but he is one of those too. So, 
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